CTANW Members & Partners: Make a Recommendation by October 1st!

  • CTANW is now accepting recommendations and nomination requests for the 2018-2019 Complete Streets Award! CTANW members and partners can begin making recommendations for cities and counties whose policies and projects are in line with CTANW's mission and the Complete Streets goals and priorities. 
  • Submit Nomination Recommendation

2016 Final Report

Complete Streets Award Nominations 2018-2019

CTANW is pleased to be a nominating organization for the Complete Streets Award administered by the Transportation Improvement Board. The Complete Streets Award is provided to cities and counties that have adopted a Complete Streets Ordinance, and have demonstrated projects, programs and activities that work to increase and enhance accessibility and mobility options for all people in their jurisdiction.

Cities & Counties: Submit a Nomination Request by October 10th!

Cities and counties are invited to submit a nomination request, and any cities or counties recommended by CTANW members/partners will also receive an invitation. 

Submit Nomination Request

Complete Streets Award Nominees Roundtable Q&A on Thursday, October 25th!

CTANW invites cities and counties who have submitted a nomination request to provide an in-person or teleconference based presentation (3-5 minutes) to CTANW's members and partners. General Materials for Presentation: Copy of Complete Streets Ordinance, PowerPoint (Overview of Projects Completed).

CTANW's Final Input Review & Formal Nomination Submission (November) 

CTANW's Board of Directors reviews member recommendations, nomination requests, and presentation materials (including input from Q&A), and ranks the final selections with the slots alloted by the Transportation Improvement Board (6-8). CTANW submits its final nominations to the Transportation Improvement Board by December 14th.