Basic Operator/Driver Requirements

This online module is designed to provide supplemental learning materials for operators/drivers. This information is not designed to replace formal training or certification. If you find a link or resource that is incorrect, please let us know. In addition, if you have further resources to add, please email us at

101 - Basic Overview

Accident/Incident Reporting 

Biohazards + Blood borne Pathogens

Child Safety Restraint 

Confidentiality, Reporting and Documentation (HIPAA) 

CPR/First Aid

Customer Service – Working with Aging Adults, People with Disabilities, and Diverse Populations (Loading & Unloading Techniques)


Defensive & Distracted Driving 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness + Driver Self-Care 

Mandatory Reporting 

Pre-Trip Inspections and Vehicle Familiarity 

Safety and Security Measures 

Vehicle Evacuation Procedures, to include Fire Suppression and Client/Driver Evacuation-First Procedures 

Wheelchair and Mobility Device Securement