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CTANW Presents: Mobility Management & NW Travel Training Summit

Community Transportation Association of the Northwest is pleased to partner with the Northwest Travel Trainers to host the annual CTANW Presents: Mobility Management & NW Travel Training Summit. This annual conference is designed to build, strengthen and inspire mobility management and travel training professionals throughout the Northwest. Please check out our past events and training materials (as available).

2017 - Sowing the Seeds - Knowledge, Skills, Service

Event Summary: The 3rd Annual CTANW Presents: Mobility Management & NW Travel Training Summit was held March 1st through March 3rd at the Emerald Queen Hotel & Casino in Fife, WA. Only in its third year, the event brought together close to 100 participants and presenters over three days. Sponsored in part by First Transit, and special thanks to WSTIP.

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2017 Summit Committee: Christina Cooper, Ride Connection; Curt  Daniel, Intercity Transit; Frances Rankos, Pierce Transit; Jeanette Frazier, First Transit; Kinsey Larsen, TEDD; Kristi Nygaard, C-TRAN; Mahinda Werake, Hopelink; Melissa Kidd, Salem-Kaiser Transit; Mike Mullins, Ride Connection, Inc.; Ryan Acker, CTANW; Veronica Marti, C-TRAN

Co-Chairs: Mike Mullins and Ryan Acker

Special Thanks: to all the participants, sponsors and partners, including, Patrick Mulick, Sandy Tudor, our program presenters!


2016 - The Sure Bet for Success

Event Summary: Inspired by Erin Pratt of Intercity Transit, CTANW and the Northwest Travel Training Group decided to partner to continue to build and expand the previous "CTANW Mobility Management & Travel Training Conference". Together, the new "Summit Committee" brought together three days worth of trainings, events and workshops and started an official partnership to expand this important programming in the Northwest.

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2016 Committee: Veronica Marti, C-TRAN; Ryan Acker, CTANW; Shawn Cavanaugh, C-TRAN; Diana Claus, Intercity Transit; Christina Cooper, Ride Connection, Inc.; Curt Daniel, Intercity Transit; Moira Moon, Hopelink; Mike Mullins, Ride Connection, Inc.; David Parra, Ben Franklin Transit; Frances Rankos, Pierce Transit; Mahinda Werake, Hopelink

Committee Chair: Veronica Marti

2015 - CTANW Mobility Management & Travel Training Conference

Event Summary: CTANW, in partnership with funding through the National RTAP program, launched the first conference geared specifically for Mobility Management and Travel Training professionals in the Northwest. The event took place over one and a half days, and was held in Issaquah, WA at the Hilton Garden Inn. Our first event brought together more than forty participants from Washington and Oregon.

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Available Materials & Presentations:

Committee: This conference was designed with input from the CTANW Board of Directors (Executive Committee) and the CTANW/ACCT Mobility Management Committee.