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Community Transportation Association of the Northwest is one of the largest and most diverse organizations in the Northwest promoting safe, accessible, high quality, competent and efficient transportation options for all people, regardless of age, income or abilities. We value independence, accessibility and partnerships, and we believe transportation is basic human right. Click here to learn more about our values and beliefs. If you or your organization believe in promoting mobility options for all people through collaboration, education and advocacy, we welcome you to join our Membership today!

Member Benefits

In addition to our dedication to upholding our mission and vision, members of CTANW receive benefits, such as:

  • Electing our organization's leadership
  • Voting on changes to our bylaws, annual budget and guiding our strategic plan
  • Participation on our core committees, including Advocacy & Legislative, Industry Standards & Best Practices, and more
  • Educational Opportunities guided by and designed for members and the accessible/specialized and community transportation industry
  • Guiding our Industry Standards, Legislative Agenda, and Educational Offerings
  • Connecting with partners, peers, colleagues and other stakeholders in the community and accessible/specialized transportation arena
  • Discounts on CTANW programs and services, including educational offerings, training, conferences and more
  • Being a part of the Northwest Region's largest organizations dedicated to empowering providers and passengers of accessible/specialized transportation
  • And More!

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Advocacy – A voice for providers and passengers

For me, CTANW provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues who are all dedicated to serving passengers with specialized transportation needs. CTANW creates a space where we can talk about issues and advocate for ways to improve our systems and better serve our communities. We’ve advocated for the development of the Nonprofit Insurance Pool, Net Neutrality, funding for small and rural transits and nonprofits, fair employment policies, and incentives for fuel efficient vehicles. And right now, our board of directors is working on ways we can enhance our advocacy services even further. As a small transit with a big mission, I enjoy CTANW because it’s an affordable, professional association – small, but with a big impact. – Emily Bergkamp, Intercity Transit

Training - Learning new skills and tools

One of the most important things our agency faces is the need for continuous training and resources. At CTANW, I feel like we have an opportunity to connect with training resources for our staff and drivers. In fact, over the next two years, CTANW received a contract to provide over 40 new trainings for drivers and organizations. As a member, I like that I can have direct influence over the types of trainings provided and how the agency’s resources are leveraged. And it’s not just about Community Transportation Providers. CTANW is a leading voice for the Northwest’s Mobility Management & Travel Training programs, and hosts the Annual CTANW Presents: Management & NW Travel Summit.  – Tom Dietz, Homage

Best Practices – Strengthening the industry

I like the fact that CTANW is open to all Community Transportation providers – small and rural transits, tribal transits, nonprofit organizations and community centers, volunteer driver programs, for-profit/for-hire agencies and even large organizations. As an agency that includes so many types of providers, sometimes it takes a while to come to agreement, but when we do, it’s strong. We’ve been able to develop best practices and professional standards for providers, and this year we’re working on driver training programs that can be easily accessible and affordable to all types of providers. As a member, I appreciate being able to be a leading voice in making this a reality. – Steve Hutchins, Around the Sound/Transpro


Collaboration – It’s about the people

For me, the opportunity to connect with transportation providers, planning agencies, funders and advocates is one of the most important things CTANW offers. I know I can meet new people at our membership meetings, learn about new ideas and issues in the field, and collaborate with agencies outside of CTANW to form strong partnerships to support the work of my agency and the communities and populations we serve. It’s about connecting for a strong, coordinated customer driven transportation industry for our state and region, and connecting with my colleagues in the field. - Colleen Kuhn, Human Services Council