CTANW Insurance Cohort

CTANW's Insurance Cohort is designed to bring together community and specialized transportation providers as a group to promote best practices, increase safety and passenger service, and ultimately, decrease insurance rates for community and specialized transportation providers. 

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  • How does it work? 
    CTANW provides a space to bring together various for-hire/for-profit providers to agree to basic standards and eligibility requirements for the group. Once the group is formed, CTANW works with Clear Risk Solutions to take the whole "group" to market to find the best insurance rates and coverage opportunities. The group works together as peers and with Clear Risk Solutions to help identify ways to reduce risks, promote safety, and keep costs low. 
  • What about nonprofit providers? 
    CTANW's nonprofit members experienced rate increases several years ago as well. Together, CTANW members worked with other nonprofit agencies to form the Nonprofit Insurance Pool (NPIP), which now provides insurance coverage in both Washington and Oregon. NPIP continues to be led by CTANW members. Find out more about this program at www.npip.org. 
  • What are the eligibility requirements? 
    Clear Risk Solutions has worked with CTANW to develop a set of "eligibility" requirements they think will help the "group" be more successful when entering the market. The initial group will ultimately decide the group's requirements. A draft of the proposal from Clear Risk Solutions is available here
  • Will this program reduce my rates? 
    This is our first year, and we can't guarantee that...yet. But, what we do know is that best practices and collective efforts for training and risk reduction shows promising results. The "group" needs to have a combined premium rate of $2 million to become attractive in the competitive market. Our past surveys of interested particpants have shown premiums between $1.3 million and $2.3 million. To enter the market, the group needs to have a combined premium rate of at least $2 million. 
  • Is there a cost to join? 
    No. We do ask the agency or individual to be a CTANW member. The initial meeting on Friday, June 22nd is open to CTANW members and those who are interested in the group. 
  • Is it open to Oregon providers? 
    Yes. Our goal is to open the group to both Washington and Oregon providers. The larger the group, the more competitive rates can be. 

CTANW Insurance Cohort 
Friday, June 22nd 

CTANW is pleased to invite for-profit/for-hire providers and independent drivers to the first meeting of the CTANW Insurance Cohort on Friday, June 22nd from 1:45-4:00p (if needed) at the DoubleTree Hilton in SeaTac, WA - 18740 International Blvd.

This meeting's objectives are to:

  • Provide an overview of the group's goals; 
  • Identify and confirm eligibility requirements for the group; 
  • Establish a timeline for group recruitement and entering the market; 
  • Identify any additional questions or goals for the group. 

This initial meeting is open to CTANW members and those who are not yet CTANW members who are interested in seeing reduced insurance rates through a cooperative process. RSVP is requested to ensure space and materials. Please RSVP by emailing Ryan Acker, Executive Director at ryan@ctanw.org by June 13th. 

Items to Bring and/or Know:

  • 5-year loss/run history 
  • Current premiums;
  • List of training drivers receive and frequency;
  • Number of vehicles, staff, drivers and volunteers; 
  • Number of miles traveled and what zip codes your agency operates in. 

Why are we bringing this?! The CTANW Insurance Cohort is a collective group. So, information like number of miles traveled, loss-run history, number of staff, etc., helps determine the size and "risk" for the entire group. 

If you have any questions, please email us at info@ctanw.org. We're happy to help! 

The CTANW Insurance Cohort is hosting its meeting at the CTANW Presents: Community & Specialized Transportation Provider Summit. If you would like to register for the entire event, please join us, and visit online at www.ctanw.org/providersummit