CTANW Insurance Cohort

The CTANW Insurance Cohort is designed to bring together community and specialized transportation providers as a group to promote best practices, increase safety and passenger service, and ultimately, decrease insurance rates for community and specialized transportation providers.

CTANW Insurance Cohort Insurance Carrier Timeline
CTANW's Insurance Cohort has marked December 2018 as the group's timeframe to enter the insurance market to find an insurance carrier to offer a CTANW Insurance Cohort Group Rate.

 Employees  Vehicles  ,Trips Each Year  Premiums  Cohort
 413  474  9,858,727 miles  $2,059,222  24

Group Co-Facilitators: Jake Oja, Biggs Insurance and Ryan Acker

  • CTANW Insurance Cohort Meetings
    CTANW Insurance Cohort meets quarterly to share best practices in safety and risk reduction. Meetings are held in person or via teleconference as part of the CTANW Membership Meetings. Click here to see the next meeting time. 

  • CTANW Insurance Cohort Participation Guidelines/Elibility Requirements
    Click here to see the CTANW Insurance Cohort's Participation Guidelines/Eligibility Requirements

  • CTANW Insurance Cohort Disclosures, Disclaimers & Notifications
    Click here to see the CTANW Insurance Cohort's disclosures, disclaimers and notifications. 

For questions or more information, please email us at ryan@ctanw.org or info@ctanw.org.