Driver Health & Wellness
This training is designed to provide agencies and supervisors with basic tools and tips for maintainting a culture of health and wellness for drivers in the community and specialized transportation industry. In addition, this training provides some basic tips drivers can use to promote their own health and well-being. Agencies may wish to view the training to develop policies or implement programs, or share portions with their driving team, either through pausing and discussing the video, or by customizing a presentation.

To view the materials, please click the "Training Access" button below. Once you've submitted the form, you'll receive the password for both the video and PowerPoint (which can be used to follow along, or to customize your own training or presentation).

Course Learning Objectives:

1) Understand stressors drivers can face in the community and specialized transportation industry

2) Identify how driver health and wellness impacts services

3) Identify how both agencies and drivers can promote driver health and wellness 

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