Collaborative Networking and Coordination

Community Transportation Association of the Northwest promotes collaboration, coordination and professional networking. CTANW providers opportunities through meetings, collaborative groups, committees and more. Our publications include:

Collaborative Groups, Committees & Membership Meetings

Annual Meeting

The CTANW Annual Meeting is an opportunity for members, partners, community organizations, and interested residents to join in CTANW's efforts to promote mobility options for all people throughout the Northwest. The CTANW Annual Meeting is held the 2nd Thursday in June in a single location to bring people together face-to-face.

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Spring, Fall & Winter Membership Meetings

Community Transportation Association of the Northwest hosts three (3) general membership meetings each year. These meetings are designed to provide opportunities for members to connect across a broad spectrum of issues and opportunities facing our industry, our organization and the communities we serve. Members can also use this time to send their designated representative to vote on issues of importance to the organization, including strategic planning, bylaws, budgeting, legislative actions and more. Members can access meeting details and meeting minutes here (log-in required).

For-Hire Collaborative Group

CTANW's For-Hire Group is designed to provide a platform for for-profit specialized transportation providers to connect on important issues facing the industry, as well as develop new ideas and training requests. The For-Hire Group is open to For-Hire providers in the Northwest. The meetings are held the 2nd Thursdays of each month at 11:00a (except for March and December). Members can call-in, and non-members can email for the call-in information. The group is currently co-facilitated by Shirley Allen.

MTPtP - Mobility Management & Travel Training Group

CTANW's Mobility Management & Travel Training Peer-to-Peer Group promotes professional development opportunities for Mobility Management & Travel Training professionals throughout Washington and Oregon. The group meets quarterly at varying sites throughout Washington and Oregon in order to allow opportunities to learn about regional organizations, mobility management and travel training programs, and local transit systems. The group also develops and continues to work on "Best Practices and Standards" for the Mobility Management and Travel Training field in the Northwest. The group meets on the 2nd Monday of February, May, August and November from 11:30-3:30. Locations and topics may vary. Sign up for Mobility Link and the DIGEST to get connected to information and details, or email This group is currently co-facilitated by Melissa Kidd.

CTANW/NWTT Conference Committee

This committee puts on the Annual CTANW Presents: Mobility Management & NW Travel Training Summit. The meeting times vary depending on the proximity to the conference. For more information about the committee, or to join, please email

CTANW Advocacy & Legislative Committee

The Advocacy & Legislative Committee works on developing and implementing CTANW's advocacy and legislative programming. The committee is led by CTANW's Executive Director and Co-Chaired by Karen Parkhurst. The meetings times and location vary depending on programming and session priorities. For more information about this committee or how to participate, please email



Other Groups & Committees

CTANW is currently exploring the development of other groups and committees, including: Transportation Managers, Owners & Directors; Social Services Providers; Brokers; Education Committee and Member Benefits Committee. If any members are interested in developing another group or committee, please contact