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  • CTANW members can request a watch list item and/or bill analysis from CTANW by emailing angie@ctanw.org


CTANW Issue/Bill Tracker

CTANW's Issue/Bill Tracker is designed to provide members, partners, decision-makers and elected officials with information about issues that may impact passengers and providers of community and specialized transportation services, including mobility management/travel training, planners, providers and more. The Issue/Bill Tracker is provided so that CTANW members and partners can decide for themselves how the issue will impact their own agencies and local communities, and take the action that best meet their needs. In some cases, CTANW may issue recommendations for "opposition" or "support". 


 Stakeholder Input/Description

 CTANW Recommendation

 Budget  Governor's Budget Proposal  Monitor / Independent Action
 Budget  Increases investments in the transportation funding system; Raises fees for providers, increases gas tax (additional details)  Monitor / Independent Action
 SB5253  Makes rules and regulations pertaining to "van accessible" parking spots for passengers / drivers who use wheelchairs or mobility devices  Monitor / Independent Action
 SB5263  Designed to reduce training requirements for school bus drivers  Monitor / Independent Action
 SB5230  Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Laws  Monitor / Independent Action
 HB1012  Requirements for child restraint/seating  Monitor / Independent Action