Parking Lot

CTANW's programs and services are made possible by the innovation and ingenuity of our members and our team.  CTANW documents new ideas and potential programs to see how they can be incorporated into our mission and strategic plan. If you have an idea you'd like for CTANW to consider, please email and it will be added to the CTANW "parking lot" for further consideration.

Current Parking Lot Ideas: 

  • Transportation Boot Camp
  • "Expedia" for Travel Training & Mobility Management
  • Technology Handbook Update
  • Standards - Transit Center Signage for People with Limited or No Hearing or Vision
  • Standards - Crosswalk Signals and Signage
  • Promoting Coordination Among Brokers
  • Development of a "Driver Certification Program"

CTANW Membership Meetings

Community Transportation Association of the Northwest hosts three general membership meetings each year. Meetings are held at a member or parnter agency in Washington or Oregon, and include opportunites for professional development, collaborative networking, peer-to-peer problem-solving, education and training, and more. In addition, members are able to vote on issues of importance to the organization, including strategic planning, bylaws, budgeting, legislative actions and more.

 Next Meeting

 Thursday, October 11, 2018
 303 2nd Ave S., Ste A, Okanogan WA

 Nearby Lodging Options Include
 12 Tribes Casino & Hotel
 Best Western
 Others: Broad Search


 9:00-10:00  TranGO Welcomes You To Coffee, Juice, Bagels
 & Morning Snacks

 CTANW Membership Meeting

  • CTANW Business
  • Introductions & Updates (All)

 Education & Training (Sessions)

  • New Resources for Connecting Passengers/Providers
    with Community and Social Services
  • Poverty and Serving Passengers with Lower Incomes
 12:00-12:45  Lunch & Break

 Collaborative Groups (Peer-to-Peer)


 Professional Development & Hands-On Learning

  • TranGO Presentation & Tour
 2:30  TranGO Ride Along

 CTANW Insurance Cohort