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CTANW's Online Education & Resource Center

CTANW's Online Education & Resource Center is designed to provide quick and easy access to upcoming training and events, as well as basic tools and information that can be found online at no additional cost. Quickly browse comprehensive driver and provider training from National RTAP, as well as additional resources compiled by CTANW. If you have something to share or cannot find what you are seeking, please email us at >>>Click Here to Browse By Topic<<<



Upcoming Local, State & National Training

April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

  • 2nd-5th - 17th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference (TRB)
  • 4th - Trainers Academy
  • 11th-12th - Advancing Mobility Management (NTI)
  • 11th-12th - Comprehensive ADA Paratransit Elgibility (NTI)
  • 12th-14th - 7th International Conference on Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements* (TRB)
  • 12th-15th - Workshop on Emerging Issues for Highway Capacity Manual Procedures (TRB)
  • 13th-14th - CTANW Presents: Community & Specialized Transportation Providers Summit + Annual Meeting (CTANW)
  • 17th-18th - Title VI & Public Transits (NTI)
  • 25th-27th - Ridership Forecasting with STOPS for Transit Project Planning (FTA)
  • 8th International Conference on Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM)

July 2019

  • 25th-25th - 17th Biennial National Harbor Safety Committee Conference (TRB)
  • 14th-18th - Resource Conservation and Recovery Committee Workshop (TRB)
  • 15th - Transit System Security (WSTIP)
  • 15th-18th - Automated Vehicles Symposium 2019: Advanced Registration Ends June 10, 2019* (TRB)
  • 16th-18th - 2019 Transit Asset Management Roundtable for Multi-Modal Agencies (FTA)

  • 21st-24th - 58th Annual Workshop on Transportation Law (TRB)

  • 21st-26th Joint Meeting of the AASHTO Committee on Design and Council on Active Transportation and TRB Roadside Safety Design Committee* (TRB)


August 2019


September 2019